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Haunted Hydro 2018 Tickets

1333 Tiffin St., Fremont, OH 43420

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Its Insanity at The Haunted Hydro


3 New Terrifying Attractions

2 New Level 1 Escape Rooms

Friendship Store #1313 & Transport 1

New Level 2 Escape Room

" Bigger, Longer, More Intense" Phobia 36

Updated Ghouls Gallery, New Gift Shop, and More! We are your one stop shop for Fun And Fear! Theres a reason we are in our 29th season.. we do FRIGHT RIGHT!

Step into Crazy Bob's House of Crazies where the Asylum and Condemned Carnival await you.

The 13 Ghosts have taken over. Changed and Manipulated the Confines of the Hydro. Bringing to life their old home. The Asylum. Navigate the twisting corridors and pass thru the exam rooms. Hear the screams coming from the padded cells and steer clear of surgery. Will you find the 13 ghosts before they find you? You may end up not just visiting our Asylum but becoming apart of it.

Schools have recess... prisons have the yard... our Asylum has The Condemned Carnival. Once cleared by the Psychiatrist our patients are granted free time in the carnival to unwind and Express themselves after a day of tests, procedures and confinement. Most like to escape their reality by becoming someone else .. something else. So step right up! Everybody's a winner here at the condemned carnival just play one of our games of misfortune. Check out our horror house and sideshow and watch out for those mischievous clowns! Hurry Hurry Hurry! Right this way....

Open casting call for a new reality game show! Vanna Fright presents


Warning Only Outcome is Danger and Screams Vanna has collected some of the most vile, dangerous and disgusting species and contains them in the WOODS Compound. Contestants enter with the only way to win is survive. Screaming is encouraged as it increases the creatures intensity.



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Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park
1333 Tiffin St.
Fremont, OH 43420