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Paranormal Investigation

106 n washington st , fort gaines, GA 39851

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This 1800's Greek style Haunted home is in the historic district of Fort Gaines, It has served as a private residence and a hotel during its long history, Which was known as The Cook House in the 1800's. A murder has happened in this home and there is newspaper articles online with more information regarding what happen here. Judson Hyatt was shot and killed here by Sheriff Mcallister. It's been said that Mcallister had gone to the hotel drunk one evening and heard some noise coming from Judson's room, As he went upstairs he went and tried the knob but it was fastened. Later on Judson called for the bell boy in which Mcallister decided to go back up there and then he pushed the door open and after exchanging some words with Judson he shot him down. Judson was found with a pistol near his right hand making it look like he shot himself. Henry Harris and Frank Houser were the locals investigators and after investigating they went before a judge and did ask for a warrant for the arrest of Sheriff Mcallister. Judge Scott refused to issue the warrant, come to find out he was good friends with the Sheriff because he was related to him by marriage.

March 7th the story told before the corners jury was that the brother's of Mcallister heard what seemed to be a pistol, So they rushed to see what happen and there they found Judson laying on the ground in his room at The Cooks House with the pistol in his right hand and taking his last gasp and Mcallister was standing near him holding a pistol with one empty chamber. The verdict of the jury said the shooting was in self defense.

Mcallister did commit suicide later on.

All articles of this can be found online and at Deans Haunted Mansion.


  • A child that has been caught on camera using night vision, looking around the bottom of the staircase.

  • A child has been seen by guest near the main entrance going towards the sitting area. Guest have said when they do see this child it's a full body apparition and he appears to be hurt.

  • A man with a top hat that has been seen downstairs by the staircase and sometimes when you look up the stairs.

  • The Bedroom downstairs to the right as you walk in, A woman has been heard whispering including sounds of a musical instrument which has been caught by investigators with there sound recorders.

  • Hearing odd sounds coming from the staircase, Including sounds of someone running up the stairs.

  • Guest have stayed the night before - Guest have said while staying the night here they would wake up around 2/3am and see a angry man looking at them. Including seeing a shadow figure pacing in the same room as them.

  • Objects moving- Investigators have had keys thrown, vacuum cleaner knocked over and Unexplained temperature changes.

  • Lights turning on/off including there equipment dying.


A legend endures concerning General John Dill, one of the prominent leaders during the Creek Indian wars. It seems that during a raid, some Creeks captured a Mrs. Stuart and killed her husband. They discarded as worthless the paper money they found. Mrs. Stuart gathered the money and pinned it to her petticoats during her captivity. When finally rescued, she was wealthy, thanks to her resourcefulness. She was introduced to and later married General Dill. The elegant house they built in Fort Gaines still stands

Looking for a place to stay while you are in Fort Gaines? Please check out George T.Bagby State Park. They have 6 beautiful cottages right by the lake!

Bring your boat and spend a weekend on Lake Eufaula. They have a full service marina! Boat ramps and beach is easy access to the lake. Pontoon rental is also available at the Marina Store.

More information about Fort Gaines, Ga can be found online or here at Deans Haunted Mansion.

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