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Temple Of Terror

20 N. Franklin Street pottstown, pottstown, PA 19464

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Step inside an authentic Masonic Temple for the adrenalin rush of a life time! find yourself twisting and turning through our labyrinth of hallways, oftentimes in complete and terrifying darkness. Along the way encounter some of the Temple's horrifying inhabitants, while navigating your way through 3 floors of heart pounding excitement!

Temple Of Terror is open from 7pm until lines end every Friday & Saturday night durring the month of October.


Due to certain elements within the Temple Of Terror groups of 5 or more people may be split prior to entering the attraction.

No Line Jumping, smoking or open flames. No high heels or flip flops.

Do NOT touch the actors/props, keep your hands to yourself.

You WILL find yourself in areas of ABSOLUTE DARKNESS, the use of cell phones and flashlights are NOT permitted as the use could ruin the experience for yourself and others, and for the safety of actors and staff.

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be refused admission.

All tickets are non refundable.

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Temple Of Terror
20 N. Franklin Street pottstown
pottstown, PA 19464