Stillwell Manor Haunted House

1704 E 60th st, Anderson, IN 46013

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Stillwell Manor is one of Indiana's Largest Haunted House. Don't worry about the weather as Stillwell Manor is 100% indoors including most of the waiting area. Come venture through 31,000 sq ft of twist and turns. There are 3 attractions for one price. There is no charge for parking. We have a huge completely paved lot, so there is plenty of parking. Mask are required at all times while on property.

Stillwell Manor- Your classic haunted house with many jumps, screams, and creaters lurking in the dark

Forsaken- NEW for 2018- Come experience our most interactive haunt we've ever come up with at Stillwell Manor. This will be a unique venture that will be different each time you go through.

(CLOSED 2020) Tantibus- This is an intense trip through your darkest dreams. Each turn is a new and daring thought. 

Stillwell Manor Haunted House poster
Stillwell Manor
1704 E 60th st
Anderson, IN 46013