Fear Farm 2018

424 Ninety-Nine Island Rd. , Blacksburg, SC 29702

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5 ALL NEW attractions for 2018 at The Fear Farm! First you will enter the ABYSS....a pitch black attraction that has been taken over by thinks that slither, hiss, buzz, and scurry in the darkness around you. Next the Ringmaster is back with an all new expanded circus attraction to keep you "laughing" of course. You will then enter MINESHAFT MAYHEM where nobody can hear your screams 50 ft. under ground in an abandoned mine shaft. If you find your way out you will go to DR. FEELGOOD'S HOUSE OF DENTISTRY where the dentist is all about one thing....your TEETH! Lastly, make your way to the FARM HOUSE where you tour their graveyard and home. BEWARE their family tree only has one branch and they love meeting new friends....you might even be a cousin?? Make your way back out into The FEAR FARM midway where there are concessions, picnic tables and roaming characters before heading back to the FREE parking lot! Come see us!


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No refunds or returns.

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In the event the venue cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

Fear Farm 2018 poster
The Fear Farm haunted house
424 Ninety-Nine Island Rd.
Blacksburg, SC 29702