5th Realm 2020 Season

4444 1st Ave NE Ste 0001, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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The seal to The 5th Realm has once again been opened, bringing all new terrors to 2020. Featuring 2 all new Haunted Houses with screams lurking behind every corner. The 5th Realm has been named "ONE OF THE NATION'S SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSES" by scaryoverload.com and one of Iowa's "MUST SEE HAUNTS" by thescarefactor.com

The Facility

Enter a dilapidated government facility, where a top secret WWII era research vessel, dubbed "Project NEMO" has mysteriously reappeared after being lost at sea for over 60 years. Its contents along with the soul survivor of the mission, Private Howard Phillips, have been shipped to The Facility for further inspection. Curiously, Private Phillips has not aged, but he along with the researchers at The Facility have undergone... changes.

The Asylum

Dr. Pavor has been conducting studies on phobias and the effects of Exposure Therapy on his patients. As you navigate your way through The Asylum, you'll find out that much like Dr. Pavor's patients, you'll have to face your fears... or become them.

Escape the 5th Realm

Our 10 minute, voodoo themed escape room. Can you beat the clock and find a way to escape before your captor returns?

The 5th Realm Hellevator

Experience an elevator ride gone wrong. This short jostling motion platform ride will thrill and entertain you as you take a detour on your trip to the top floor.


Like many events and businesses around the world, we are taking drastic and appropriate measures to ensure the safety and health of our staff and customers. Please see our Covid-19 information below:

  • Timed Ticketing + Reservations

All tickets this year will be purchased via a timed/reservation system via our website. This allows us to effectively space and time groups in a manner that keeps our show running smooth and people safe. 

  • Limited Capacity

Because of our ticketing system, we will be running our event at a limited capacity to ensure everyone's safety. Groups will also not be joined with any other group.

  • All Tickets Must Be Purchased Online
  • Socially Distanced Queue Line

We've redesigned our queue line to better accommodate local social distancing standards.

  • Face Coverings Required For Staff + Customers
  • Hourly Facility Cleaning + Sanitization

We've employed dedicated staff to clean and sanitize our facility every thirty minutes. This means every hour the entire event will be clean and sanitized using our FDA approved cleaners.

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations Available Throughout the Event
  • Touchless Experience

As a general rule, all guests will be asked to refrain from touching sets, props, and actors. Keeping our attraction a touchless experience this year is best for everyone's safety.

All of these measures have been implemented to better protect our staff and customers. Your health and safety is extremely important to us. At The 5th Realm, your frightful fun will be satisfyingly safe.

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Refund Policy:

Absolutely no refunds or exchanges on purchased tickets. This includes if you are unable to make it to your purchased time slot or if any member of your group decides they are unable to enter (including children).

Cancellation Policy:

In the event the venue cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

The 5th Realm
4444 1st Ave NE Ste 0001
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402