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Blood Reign 2022

Hall of Horrors

1153 Walter Price Rd, Cayce, SC 29033

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Introducing the hottest new blood drink to hit the market, CoaguLite! This synthetic blood drink was developed at the leading lab in necro-innovations, SyntechLabs! It was designed to help quench vampire’s need for human blood, which in turn helps keep the streets of humankind safe. While CoaguLite is still awaiting approval from the FDA, the makers promise it’s developed from the FINEST blood “substitutes”, which will leave vampires satiated while giving humans a peace of mind. Available only at Absolom’s Speakeasy!!! Come see how the blood is made, and remember, "Bite responsibly!"

**Please note, October 13th, 20th and 27th 2022, are "Blackout" event nights. The attraction show lights are turned off and guests are given one flashlight per group.


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Blood Reign 2022 poster
Hall of Horrors
1153 Walter Price Rd
Cayce, SC 29033