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Creepy Hollow Woods KIDS FRIENDLY NIGHT*

2251 Wade Road, Jay, FL 32565

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Welcome to Creepy Hollow Woods Kids Friendly night!!!!

We throw this event because we want people of all ages to be able to enjoy the haunt industry and haunted attractions. We have witnessed so many young children going to haunted attractions who just can not make it through due to it being too scary. We want the children to be able to enjoy an experience too. On our kid friendly nights, the lights that would typically show off the gore are turned off, the children are given a glow stick in order to feel a little safer, and our actors are toned way down. We use some of our most experienced actors to engage with the groups coming through to keep the experience fun and safe for the little ones. We ALSO have marshmallows and a fire for s'mores for the young ones to enjoy while they are waiting or after they are done!

Please allow us to help to introduce your children to haunted attractions in an appropriate fashion as to not traumatize them at a young age!!! We hope to see you soon!


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Creepy Hollow Woods KIDS FRIENDLY NIGHT* poster
Creepy Hollow Woods
2251 Wade Road
Jay, FL 32565