Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest

5702 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim , CA 92807

From $25.00

Fri, September 29th, 2023 @ 7:00PM PDT (multiple times available)

Unleash the Horrors at Shady Pines Asylum!

Experience the Terror of Dr. Bodkins' Failed Experiments!

The abandoned asylum of Shady Pines held the darkest secrets of Dr. Bodkins and his twisted orderlies. Now, the ruins have been uncovered, and the truth about the doctor's failed experiments will make your blood run cold. The doctor and his demented co-conspirators have gone on the run, but they have left a trail of evidence that leads to their ultimate, insidious plan.

Are you ready to face your fears and uncover the horror of Shady Pines Asylum? Step into the abandoned facility, and brace yourself for the most spine-chilling event of the year. With every step, you'll uncover more secrets, and the hunt for the perpetrators continues. Can you survive the terror unleashed by Dr. Bodkins' failed experiments?

Get your tickets now, and experience the ultimate thrill of your life. Live the horror, and see if you'll make it out alive!

Don't miss out on the scariest event of the year. Get your tickets now!


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Dark Harvest
5702 E. La Palma Ave
Anaheim , CA 92807