Fright in Falcon Presents: Eastonville Research and Containment Facility

13630 Judge Orr Rd., Falcon, CO 80831

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For years, the government has maintained a number of facilities located throughout the country whose purpose is to keep and study a variety of rare and extraordinary creatures. The long vacated town of Eastonville, Colorado contains one such facility, transporting these creatures by way of the nearby Meadow Lake airport in the dead of night.

Though the government does its best to keep these facilities secret, the E.R.C.F. was discovered by a group of Colorado Geocachers, who quickly spread the word about their find. Upset citizens in the surrounding area grew anxious and vocal, concerned about the activities that might be taking place there.

Given the number of creatures kept at the facility, and the substantial monetary investment involved, relocating the facility was not an option. However, the increasingly frequent and disruptive protests made continuing operations very difficult. In an attempt to ease tensions and return operations to a steady and predictable flow, a public relations campaign was devised, allowing concerned citizens to tour the facility and witness the activities within.

With multiple layers of security utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, numerous fail-safes, and an elite staff with extensive training in combat and containment procedures, safety of the visitors is absolutely assured.

Nothing could go wrong.


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Fright in Falcon Presents: Eastonville Research and Containment Facility poster
Fright in Falcon Presents:
13630 Judge Orr Rd.
Falcon, CO 80831