Orchard Cedar Hills

10860 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225

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Year 7

The Capital City of Fear is back. New location. 2 New themes.

Only $20 and a non-perishable food item for the Sunshine Division

This year we are using timed ticketing. We recommend reserving your spot as some nights tickets may not be available at the door.

Night Terrors

Why is Billie so tired? What is keeping Billie from sleep?

What is waking Billie up in the middle of the night? Could it be the night terrors? Venture into Billie’s world and pass through the portal to discover the things that go bump in the night


Pure evil is coming your way, with spine tingling thrills and chills.

The excitement, the laughs, the screams from the most sinister show on Earth.

It will be the most eye popping spooktacular thing you will ever see.

Carn-Evil the world’s deadliest show!

This haunted house reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe light, fog, lasers, damp or wet conditions, moving floors, special effects, sudden action, and an overall physically demanding environment. You should NOT ENTER this haunted house if you suffer from asthma, heart condition, prone to seizures, physical ailments, respiratory or any type of medical problems, or are pregnant or suffer any form of mental disease including claustrophobia

DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wear in any form of cast, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. Do not enter the attraction if you were taking medication or using drugs of any type. You will not be admitted if any these conditions are to be noticed by our staff.

Do not enter if you suffer from - asthma - heart condition - seizures or any type of mental, physical, respiratory and or medical problems.

Do not smoke run eat or drink inside the attraction. Additionally, there is no touching of the actors, customers, or props inside the attraction. No video or flash photography may be taken inside this attraction You will not be admitted and asked to leave the property if any of the rules are not followed.

There are no refunds enter at your on risk

Your ticket is revocable license and may be taken and admission refused upon refund of purchase price. Holder of this ticket understands that there is inherent risk involved with attending this attraction. Holder voluntarily assumes all risk and dangers associated with participating in this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into the attraction holder agrees to released operator, its parent corporation, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and landlord from any liability harm or injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise direct or indirectly, from attending this attraction.


Refund Policy:

There are no refunds, enter at your on risk

Cancellation Policy:

An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

Orchard Cedar Hills
10860 SW Barnes Rd
Portland, OR 97225