Blezard Valley Fields of Fear 2022

Carrefour Sen Rheal Belisle

2777 Main St., Blezard Valley, ON P0M1E0

From CA $13.00

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Nestled between innocent fields of strawberries, corn, and potatoes lurks not One, not Two, but THREE gruesome horror harvests. Can you escape the clutches of the utterly sadistic serial killer Groundskeeper Gerald when you enter THE HOSTEL? Can you resist the devilishly beguiling lure of Funhouse Freaks when you enter CARREFOUR CARNIVALE? Can you endure the corpse-thirsty curse of the flesh-eating Bone Boilers when you enter Gaston's Graves? Can your sanity survive ALL THREE???


Robby Lavoie and his ghoulish gang of mad horror minions have wracked their demented minds to create another signature trauma-inducing event. And this time they didn’t spare the gore!Warning!!! Avoid these nightmare scenarios like the plague if: you are easily scared, escape rooms trigger you, you scream until you pass out, or you are prone to sleep paralysis. 


You might be brave enough to risk terrorONCE, and you might be courageous enough to risk terrorTWICE, but ask yourself if you are truly fearless enough to risk terror THRICE? One ticket costs you $13.00, two tickets cost you $26.00 but buy all three for $33.00 and you’ve got a ticket to writhe!



Tired from backpacking, your tour group ends up at a creepy hostel. While you search for the can, check-in is being handled by Gaston, an old hippy groundskeeper with… a pitchfork? Plenty of bunk rooms sure, but what’s with all the rusty old surgical instruments? Wait…that’s not rust! Did you just hear a moan? There’s a stench in the air so rotten you gag. A blood smeared drag mark leads you downstairs. In the shadows you pass a reeking meat locker. Body parts dangle on chains in the trippy Day-Glo garage. A lockclanks! It’s game over, you’re doomed.



Bienvenue! Whiffs of cotton candy tantalize, swirling coloured lights dance in your eyes, but the crowds of clowns are nothing but devils in disguise. As the maniacal carny throws the Ferris Wheel switch into high gear, sounds of good cheer turn to screams of… fear? In your face fire-eaters with singed eyebrows vie for your attention whilst jugglers of knives, with bleeding hands, jostle the jesters aside. Something is not quite right. You can feel it. There’s a murderous leer in their eyes.Suddenly they all stop, stare, and crowd you.A voice yells “Run!” but where is the exit?



Once you check into the hostel after a delightful day at the carnival, you may not check out. Are you afraid of the dark? Don't worry, we'll supply you scaredy cats with a tiny little glow stick to help you find your way. Only Gaston knows where the bodies are buried and maybe their pets too.



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Blezard Valley Fields of Fear 2022 poster
Carrefour Sen Rheal Belisle
2777 Main St.
Blezard Valley, ON P0M1E0