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1333 Tiffin St., Fremont, OH 43420

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“HAUNT-O-POCALYPSE 2” is the next evolution in the FEAR OUTBREAK that has plagued the HAUNTED HYDRO DARK ATTRACTION PARK since last year… The QUARANTINE in the HYDRO last year did not save the UPPER CLASS from contracting the disease that causes Septic Mutations, Terrorizing Transformations and many MONSTER Metamorphoses… DESPITE Crazy Bob’s the DIPLOMAT of DISEASE/ZOMBIE Controls best efforts giving everyone a SURGICAL MASK to keep them safe and using the best Chemists, Doctors, Specialists, CSI Investigators and more working around the clock to desperately search for the CAUSE and the CURE… to SAVE his beloved DAUGHTER from a fate worse than DEATH… However….somehow… some way the WOODS INFESTATION Clans led by their leader (Thought DEAD after the wedding)… REBEL of the WOODS INFESTATION has risen from the depths of HELL and is bound and determined to find his BRIDE that is said to be held CAPTIVE inside the HYDRO and was taken from him right after the wedding… He is assembling an ARMY of LOST SOULS to help him reclaim his bride… Because of all the confusion in the CONFINE this year… you must TRUST NO ONE… and everyone entering will have their pictures taken upon entry this season at CHECK POINT CHARLIE and be given a number and a special TOE TAG to fill out and keep with them in case of the UNFORSEEN… Once you enter… it is your MISSION to find your way out and try NOT be INFECTED, TRAPPED behind the Hydro WALLS or worse yet… be taken captive by the Creature Clans at the deranged River Camps… Interact and #ExperienceTheHydro this season with the worst FEAR OUTBREAK epidemic in HALLOWEEN History… HAUNT-O-POCALYPSE 2 has begun… PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!


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Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park
1333 Tiffin St.
Fremont, OH 43420