Haunted Town Hall

103 S High St., Lafayette, OH 45854

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Mayor Joseph is back and by popular demand our special Backwards Event

The Haunted Town Hall is a 2 story indoor haunted attraction and with our special Backwards event we will start you at the exit and experience the fright in a different order. Mayor Joseph and his reign of terror will be around every corner. Opening May Friday 13 and Saturday 14 7:30-midnight. 

Check out our YouTube videos Haunted Town Hall Promo and Haunted Town Hall Promo2


Escape Rooms

Escape the Speakeasy

A 5 min escape room see if you can get out of Mayor Joseph's speakeasy before the cops seize the facility'


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Haunted Town Hall
103 S High St.
Lafayette, OH 45854
567-204-7695 or 419-230-4619