Love Hurts 2: Prom Night

4700 Central Ave Lake Station, Lake Station, IN 46405

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It has been 30 years since the last sighting of Mr. Grimm and the deaths of the teenagers that travelled through Hill Hospital hoping to find him. Little did they know they would get exactly what they were looking for. Now, it's Prom Night at Hills Hollow High School and a new set of Teenagers are looking for something a little more exciting then your typical after prom party. As they head to the cursed grounds that are now known as Haunted Hills Hospital by the locals, the real question is will they suffer the same fate as those from before or is the story of Mr. Grimm really just a ghost story? Find out for yourself this February!


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Love Hurts 2: Prom Night poster
Haunted Hills Hospital
4700 Central Ave Lake Station
Lake Station, IN 46405