Madness Haunted House

Madness Haunted House

21534 Chestnut Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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Madness is an intense journey through 3 heart pounding acres! You will be inside, you will be outside, its both! The forest reclaimed the farm but it couldn’t reclaim the dead! The dead will do there best to claim you as well! Will you be one of the lucky ones to survive the Madness?

With more actors on site then any other metro haunt and our new inside / outside floor plan, we are more scare for your buck then any other location locally. This new location will take at least 40 minutes to walk though, unless you find our hidden doors and then it could take up to an hour. No two visits are the same! Better hurry though, spaces are limited due to this new concept.

Absolutely No Refunds. In years prior, people have been too scared to enter after purchase and requested a refund. This is no longer an option. 


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Madness Haunted House
21534 Chestnut Rd
Council Bluffs, IA 51503