Scary Harry's Pitch Black - Total Recall

1703 Pierce Road, Homer City, PA 15748

From $20.00


Pitch Black Total Recall means only 1 thing: NO LIGHTS! 

Expect a walk through with no lights and a full contact experience! Ever wonder what it's like to live out a horror movie? Now's your chance to find out! 

You have 2 options: Take just ONE (1) other person along for the ride or pull up your granny panties and GO IT ALONE! Should you decide to go alone, IF, and that's a big IF, you make it the whole way through to the end, you will gain not only the respect of your peers, but also a FREE T-SHIRT to boast your success! 

Since this is a full contact event, NO ONE, and we mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE UNDER 18 will be admitted entry, so make sure you bring your state issued ID!

Scary Harry's Pitch Black - Total Recall poster



Scary Harry's Haunted Trails
1703 Pierce Road
Homer City, PA 15748