Quest Night 2019 - Presented By Scare For A Cure

14219 Littig Rd, Manor, TX 78653

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Please keep an eye out for Scare For A Cure 2019 to be held this October!

If you leave the city gates and pass the ancient oak,

Take with you iron weights or beware the Little Folk!

Many gates connect the fairylands to Scaria, but while the fey attack individuals, they have never threatened the whole kingdom... until now. Someone has abrogated the ancient compacts that governed fairy behavior in our realm! Changelings that once only replaced disobedient children now replace adults. Red Hats soak their caps in blood in full daylight. And the gremlins sabotage everything. 

Heroes! Scaria needs you! You've faced giant dragons, towering elementals, and hordes of undead. This time the threat comes in smaller packages. The Wyld Hunt comes to Scaria! Let the games begin!

Quest Night is an immersive, Medieval fantasy experience like no other! Take on quests, solve puzzles, battle monsters (with dice) and save the Kingdom of Scaria!

Friday, February 22nd is Preview Night. Not all quests and effects will be available. Tickets are half-price in recognition of this and, while we always welcome feedback, we are particularly in need of it on Preview Nights.


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IF a show is canceled by SCARE for a CURE, ticket holders will have 72 hours from cancellation announcement to reschedule or ask for a refund by emailing Ticket holder may also opt to make the purchase a donation to benefiting charities in lieu of refund.

Ghost Town Austin
14219 Littig Rd
Manor, TX 78653