Rottontail's Revenge: A Horror-Themed Egg Hunt

Park 96

14660 Parkland Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2J 6L5

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Date: March 30, 2024

Location: Outdoors at Park 96, 14660 Parkland Blvd SE, Calgary, AB

Time: Choose your own Adventure! How scary do you want it?

Family edition (A Wee Bit Scary): Doors open at 2:30pm, Game begins at 3:00pm

Adult & Teen edition (Terrifying): Doors open at 7:00pm, Game begins at 7:30pm, as Rottontail and his friends lurk in the twilight shadows




Adult and Teen Edition (Terrifying)

Dare to tread the line between thrill and terror this Easter? Join us for a heart-pounding adventure as darkness falls. Rottontail's Revenge is no ordinary game. Guests will embark on a chilling hunt for Easter eggs, but beware – you are not alone. Terrifying characters roam the grounds, hunting for you as you hunt for your prize.


The Challenge:

Under the cloak of twilight, participants will seek out hidden eggs scattered across the haunted grounds. These are no ordinary eggs; each one is a token of survival, a beacon in the dark, and a step closer to victory. Your objective: collect as many eggs as possible, outwit the prowling horrors, and survive until the game's end.


The Hunters:

Be prepared to be stalked by some of the most horrifying characters imaginable. From ghastly ghouls and specters to twisted fairytale nightmares, these creatures will stop at nothing to distract, scare, and chase you away from your prize. Their presence will test not only your courage but also your resolve to win.


The Golden Egg:

Amidst the chaos, Golden Eggs lie hidden. More elusive than the rest, the golden egg offers a bonus prize to the brave soul who discovers it. The Golden Egg is the ultimate trophy, symbolizing not just victory over the game but over fear itself.



  • Winner: A lavish prize package including tickets to Haunted Calgary and exclusive swag. This sought-after reward promises more encounters with the supernatural, wrapping you in a world where horror and excitement intertwine.
  • Golden Egg: A special bonus prize awaits, adding an extra layer of glory to the night's achievements.


Read the full gameplay and rules for the Adult & Teen Edition here.



Family Edition (A Wee Bit Scary)

Embark on an unforgettable adventure where thrills and excitement collide in Rottontail's Revenge: Family Edition. This isn't your ordinary egg hunt – it's a heart-pounding quest set amongst the trees and crawling with the monsters of Haunted Calgary. The Family Edition is a slightly less challenging, less scary version of the game where everyone is a winner.

The Quest:

Your mission is clear: collect all six colors of eggs hidden throughout the designated outdoor area to claim your Easter goodie. But beware, these eggs aren't easy to find. They're tucked away, challenging you to use all your wits and bravery to succeed. Keep an eye out for the elusive golden egg – finding it will earn you a special bonus prize.

Encounters with the Creepy Characters:

As you search for eggs, prepare to encounter creepy characters lurking in the shadows. These haunting figures will interact with you during your hunt. Engage in a thrilling game of "tag" with them – if you're tagged, you must hand over one of your collected eggs to the character, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. During our Family Edition, our characters will be on "low scare" mode- our monsters still look scary but they'll be playing a fun game of tag.


  • Dare to join us for Rottontail's Revenge: Family Edition this Easter, where fear and excitement await around every corner. Everyone's a winner, claiming a sweet treat once you've collected your eggs.
  • Find the golden egg to win a prize package from Haunted Calgary.

Read the full gameplay and rules for the Family Edition here.


Bonus Activities

Our Easter eggstravaganza doesn't stop with the scary hunt. Enjoy these activities (extra charges may apply):

  • Creepy Easter Bunny Photos
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Games
  • Rottontail's Treats and Eats Snack Bar
  • Haunted Calgary BOOtique




Important Details:

  • Dress Code: Dress for the weather. The game will proceed under the cloak of twilight, outdoors, where the elements can be as unpredictable as the creatures you'll encounter.
  • Age Restriction: Due to the frightening nature of the characters and the intensity of the game, participation in the Adult and Teen Edition is recommended for ages 12 and up. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Family Edition is designed for families of all ages, but since we have a creepy flair, parental discretion is advised.
  • Safety: While the aim is to scare, the safety of our guests is paramount. Emergency staff will be on standby, and safe zones will be available for those who need a moment away from the horror. Wear sturdy footwear and bring a flashlight.



Dare to Join?

Embark on an Easter hunt like no other, where bravery is rewarded, and screams fill the twilight air. Will you emerge victorious, or will the haunting shadows claim your nerves? Gather your courage, invite your bravest friends, and step into the night for an Easter egg hunt that you will never forget.


Tickets are limited – secure your spot if you dare!


Refund Policy:

No refunds or returns.

Cancellation Policy:

An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

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Park 96
14660 Parkland Blvd SE
Calgary, AB T2J 6L5