Scare For A Cure presents: Curse of the Blood Demon

Ghost Town Austin

14219 Littig Rd, Manor, TX 78653

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Scare For A Cure presents: Curse of the Blood Demon

We have completed our 2022 shows. If you missed out, we strongly encourage you to follow our Facebook page and watch our mailing list for announcements of upcoming events - Quest Night in the spring and our Haunt next year.

In 2009, the RIPPERS (Researchers in Paranormal Phenomena) believed they defeated a vampire clan and its demon slave. Thirteen years later, strange things are happening again and the RIPPERS need help. This October is your chance to come out and see if you have what it takes to become a RIPPER and protect central Texas.

This interactive event is recommended for ages 13 and up, takes about an hour to go through, and will leave you covered in blood and gore.

Preview Night: October 1st is Preview Night. Things may not be fully complete or ready, and we will be testing portions of the event. Expect delays and things to go wrong. We charge less for Preview Night because of this. We very much want your feedback, particularly on Preview Night.

Your ticket also includes a trip through Boneyard: Rewind. We have a note from Killer Video's management:

Dear Valued Customers of Killer Video,

Let’s hit REWIND and formally apologize to the families of the victims who were involved in the Manor store incident last year. We were extremely appalled by the actions of our former staff. Rest assured, appropriate action was taken and the offending employees have been dealt with internally.

Now for some good news; we are under new management and starting a major overhaul here in Manor! This location is now our flagship store! We have so many “Killer” surprises in store for you, including NO MORE LATE FEES!! Come on down to our grand re-opening this October and meet our newly trained staff. We have reprogrammed them well in the gentle ways of our master. DO NOT ENTER THE BREAKROOM! We are not responsible for the actions of our employees on break. Do not listen to the news, do not listen to your parents. It is safe here in Killer Video, you love Killer Video, YOU NEED KILLER VIDEO. Did we mention? NO LATE FEES!!!!!!!!  KILLER VIDEO is waiting for you TO MAKE IT A KILLER VIDEO NIGHT.

Killer Video, a subsidiary of Boneyard Industries

The Boneyard (our maze event) takes about 20 minutes additional to go through, and will not cover you in blood and gore.

SCARE for a CURE (Scare) is a 501c3 that raises money for local cancer related charities through the creation of an extreme, interactive, haunted adventure. We mentor youth, encourage volunteerism, and come together to create a unique experience for our volunteers and guests.

Important information about groups and times

Maximum 6 people in a group; groups larger than 6 will be split. We will combine other guests to form groups whenever possible. Scare is designed for full groups and we want to accommodate as many guests as possible.

If you need to change your event time or evening, contact [email protected] for assistance. We can usually help!

We hold back later evening time slots until earlier times fill. This is to avoid situations where there are very long gaps between groups if a night does not sell out. If you would prefer later at night, you are welcome to purchase earlier tickets and ask us to move them later when later times open up. We want you to get the time you want, and to not miss out, but we also want to spare our actors long gaps. If a gap does happen anyway, we may ask you to come out earlier.

Due to limitations of the event this year, we cannot go above 6 in a group at any time. If a group larger than six purchases tickets at multiple times, Scare reserves the right to determine the number of people in each part of a split group, but we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the group as much as possible.

For the safety of our volunteers and guests, Scare strongly recommends everyone be vaccinated before attending our event. We request anyone unvaccinated wear a mask while going through our haunt. We will be following CDC guidelines and will email the ticket buyer the latest information a few days before their ticket date or if there are significant policy changes dictated by new CDC guidelines or changes in local conditions. Scare reserves the right to update mask and distancing requirements in accordance with CDC guidelines and local conditions.


Refund Policy:

By purchasing a ticket, you agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The Event will happen rain or shine.

Cancellation Policy:

IF a show is canceled by SCARE for a CURE, ticket holders will have 72 hours from cancellation announcement to reschedule or ask for a refund by emailing [email protected] We will refund your entire ticket price; fees are paid to HauntPay and they determine fee refunds. Ticket holder may also opt to make the purchase a donation to benefiting charities in lieu of refund.

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Ghost Town Austin
14219 Littig Rd
Manor, TX 78653
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