Scare For A Cure presents: Lockdown

14219 Littig Rd, Manor, TX 78653

No upcoming date/times for this event.

We are officially 'Sold Out'. It is possible (but not guaranteed) that a limited number of tickets will become available. That may or may not happen - check the calendar (hit the Buy Now button). Email [email protected] and we'll put you on a wait list and email if/when anything opens up. Please let me know how many you're looking for and on what night(s), and include a text-capable phone number. If something comes up, you'll only have an hour or two to grab the tickets.

Once an evening starts, all openings that evening will be on-site waitlist online - we need to fill openings quickly and can't wait for people to drive out. We often have a few openings every night - but there are no guarantees.

There are a limited number of single tickets (which cannot be combined) available on all nights (but not visible on HauntPay currently, because normally we allow combining tickets). If you're willing to go with a group of strangers (what could go wrong?), please email [email protected] and we'll get you set up. If you want to check on combining, you can also email and we'll go over the options.

Also, Boneyard tickets are available on-site for $10 (however: Boneyard may be a limited experience on Saturday October 30th). Anyone coming out to do Boneyard can opt to waitlist for any openings (no-shows, cancellations, etc) for Lockdown and pay the difference should one come up. Absolutely no guarantees; you could wait a long while and only get to do Boneyard, but it's an option.

Scare For A Cure presents: Lockdown

This October, you have been selected to fulfill your civic duty. Touring prisons to ensure humane treatment of prisoners has become as common as jury duty. NeuroMax Containment Facilities have developed a new, intelligent, security technology called The Optus System to humanely contain even the most dangerous criminals in society. This facility is built on the grounds of an aging nuclear plant to ensure there is always enough power. 

Be amazed at this revolutionary method of prisoner containment, fulfill your civic duty and even meet the warden. It's all perfectly safe, and we are sure there is absolutely no way for it to all go horribly, horribly wrong.

This interactive event is recommended for ages 13 and up, takes about an hour to go through, and will leave you covered in blood and gore.

Your ticket also includes a trip through Boneyard: Killer Video

Make it a Killer Video night!

Nobody has a better selection of horror movies than us! With this monster inventory, try not to get lost between the rows and rows of gruesome and depraved flicks. Our specially trained staff are horror video experts who often take their jobs a little too seriously. The movies may have eaten away at their brains, but don’t worry, they’re mostly harmless.* Membership is always free but may come at a price. Come on down this Halloween to rent yourself a scare! Open late with prices slashed to the bone! Don’t forget to rewind your tapes! WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

*Late fees strictly enforced

The Boneyard takes about 20 minutes additional to go through, and will not cover you in blood and gore.

SCARE for a CURE (Scare) is a 501c3 that raises money for local cancer related charities through the creation of an extreme, interactive, haunted adventure. We mentor youth, encourage volunteerism, and come together to create a unique experience for our volunteers and guests.

Important information about combined groups

Maximum 6 people in a group; groups larger than 6 will be split. Due to COVID-19, there are some changes for 2021 in terms of how groups may have to combine with other groups. The rules are (all group size numbers apply to the number of tickets at a given time): groups of one to three members must combine with other groups at Scare's discretion.

Groups of four or five have the option to combine or not. We encourage groups to allow combining if they are comfortable. Scare is designed for full groups and we want to accommodate as many guests as possible. Groups of four or five who do not wish to combine must purchase a 'distanced' ticket. Distanced tickets are only meaningful if the time slot was completely open (six tickets available) at the time of purchase; if any tickets were already sold, the group must be willing to combine.

We will attempt to accommodate mask preferences when combining groups, but this may result in significant wait times to find a compatible group.

Due to the way we are handling distanced tickets, if you are buying more than four tickets at a time in multiple transactions, you may see the timeslot become unavailable. We strongly encourage having one person purchase six tickets instead of two or three purchasing two or three. However, if you need to make multiple purchases for a timeslot, contact [email protected] for assistance or wait for tickets to become available again. Releasing them is a manual process and timing will be unpredictable.

Due to limitations of the event this year, we cannot go above 6 in a group at any time. If a group larger than six purchases tickets at multiple times, Scare reserves the right to determine the number of people in each part of a split group, but we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the group as much as possible. For combining rules (above), the split group will be treated as multiple smaller groups; however, how the group is split will be influenced by willingness to combine.

For the safety of our volunteers and guests, Scare strongly recommends everyone be vaccinated before attending our event. We request anyone unvaccinated wear a mask while going through our haunt. We will be following CDC guidelines and will email the ticket buyer the latest information a few days before their ticket date or if there are significant policy changes dictated by new CDC guidelines or changes in local conditions. Scare reserves the right to update mask and distancing requirements in accordance with CDC guidelines and local conditions.

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