Scare For A Cure presents: The Trial of Blood and Stone

14219 Littig Rd, Manor, TX 78653

From $25.00

No upcoming date/times for this event.

We are sold out for The Trial of Blood and Stone except for single ticket purchases. At this point it is unlikely that we will have any more tickets, but you are welcome to ask. If you wish to be notified in case of cancellations or other openings, please contact and include whether you are looking for Friday or Saturday (or either) and how many tickets you are looking for.

It is possible that, if you come out any night and are willing to stand by, that we may get in a limited number of parties of 2 or 3. It is entirely possible that you will not get in, and it may be a long wait, but it is likely that a few groups of that size would get in. You do have the option of waiting at the Ghost Town restaurant and being texted if an opening appears. If you wish to do this, you can contact or come by the Scare ticket booth. Standby is first-come first-served.

We will be running the Boneyard and you are welcome to purchase a Boneyard ticket while waiting; if you get in we will charge the difference between your Boneyard ticket and the full show price. Of course you are also welcome (and encouraged) to just come out for the Boneyard; Boneyard tickets are $10.

On any of the nights, we can also accommodate a limited number of single ticket purchases. Unlike our usual single-ticket purchases, these may not be combined with other tickets. If you are interested in a single ticket, email and we'll let you know how to purchase one.

Scare For A Cure presents:

The Trial of Blood and Stone

You are invited to a special event at the Central Texas Archaeological Project in Manor. Come check out the artifacts we have found at this new site and even visit the ruins themselves. We assure you it's (probably) perfectly safe, and this year, nothing could possibly go horribly, horribly, wrong (we think).

This interactive event is recommended for ages 13 and up, takes about an hour to go through, and will leave you covered in blood and gore. 

Your ticket also includes a trip through Boneyard: Cult of the Donkey Lady

Nobody in this town likes to admit what happened that night. The night Ellie Dougherty was transformed into the Donkey Lady. Who knew being burnt alive could warp your skin into an elongated snout of muscle and flesh. The Donkey Lady roams these halls and beckons to her flock. A faint glow can be seen on the horizon at night in the direction of Ellie’s old house. Faint chanting can be heard by ones quiet enough to hear. Will you follow their call?

The Boneyard takes about 20 minutes additional to go through, and will not cover you in blood and gore. 

SCARE for a CURE is a 501c3 that raises money for local cancer related charities through the creation of an extreme, interactive, haunted adventure. We mentor youth, encourage volunteerism, and come together to create a unique experience for our volunteers and guests.

Maximum 6 people in a group; groups larger than 6 will be split, and groups smaller than 6 may be combined with other guests to fill out a group. Due to limitations of the event this year, we cannot go above 6 in a group at any time. SCARE for a CURE reserves the right to determine the number of people in each part of a split group, but we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the group as much as possible.


Refund Policy:

By purchasing a ticket, you agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The Event will happen rain or shine.

Cancellation Policy:

IF a show is canceled by SCARE for a CURE, ticket holders will have 72 hours from cancellation announcement to reschedule or ask for a refund by emailing Ticket holder may also opt to make the purchase a donation to benefiting charities in lieu of refund.

Ghost Town Austin
14219 Littig Rd
Manor, TX 78653