Soul Reapers Haunted House

Kenosha County Fairgrounds

30820 111th St., Wilmot, WI 53192

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Soul Reapers Haunted House brings you face to face with the Demons and Monsters of your scariest nightmares!

The Soul Reapers emerge from Hell and take residence at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI each October to collect and feast on your souls and screams!

   Your journey begins as you move closer and closer to the door of Madame Mizery’s Mansion. Pondering and awaiting your demise. Enter the mansion and traverse the rooms and halls inhabited by Reapers waiting for you in the dark. Lights flicker, monsters roam, where they lurk, no one knows.

   Your next venture takes you through Lost Souls Asylum. The doctors in this asylum want to cut your souls straight out of you! The crazed and tormented patients wandering the halls will help assist with the procedures.

   Scream your way past the Soul Surgeons and enter into Swamp of Souls! A path of darkness, fog, and misdirection! Will you find your way out or just end up part of Lady LeStrange’s Stew of Souls?

 Finally, prepare yourself The Underworld. Home to the Soul Reapers. Follow murky passageways that will lead you past dungeon cells, through torture chambers, and the Soul Reapers residing deep with-in. Here in their world, the Soul Reapers love to torture the many pathetic souls for eternity.

    Do you have the courage to take on the Soul Reapers at Soul Reapers Haunted House? Will you survive to tell your story. Venture to the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI during October and see if, “Your screams will be legendary!”

13 years and older recommended

Satan and his Soul Reapers show no mercy on any soul, so keep your little ones safe at home!

We are a haunted house attraction. Enter the grounds and your soul is fair game! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! 

Fan Voted-WI Must See Haunted House


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Soul Reapers Haunted House poster
Kenosha County Fairgrounds
30820 111th St.
Wilmot, WI 53192