The Dark Manor 2019 Season

25 Main Street, Versailles, CT 06330

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Step into The Manor and experience the ghastly entities that torment its very halls. Many are driven mad by the terror lurking in every shadow; their desperate screams echoing endlessly down twisting corridors, heard only by the desolate Connecticut countryside. Once you escape the darkness within The Manor, you will be left no choice but to escape to The Graveyard. The remains of the evil residing within The Dark Manor, patrol the Graveyard in search of victims to repair their plagued souls. Those who have made it this far say your only hope for escape is a hidden exit deep beneath The Dark Manor itself. Plunge into the shadows of The Catacombs, surrounded by undead creeps and chainsaw freaks, remorseless in their torment of anyone unfortunate enough to wander into their cold grasp. Those who can navigate The Catacombs may just escape with their lives, but for many their sanity remains lost forever.

Few who escape the Dark Manor suffer to tell the tale. Will you be one of them?


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The Dark Manor Haunted House
25 Main Street
Versailles, CT 06330