The Last Carnival Haunted House

Backwoodz Oddities

832 Valley Rd , Waverly, OH 45690

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Tickets good for Friday or Saturday September 29th through October 28th. 8pm till Midnight


If you feel ill, or are running a fever please stay home.


The Carnival Comes Without Warning!

With a slight chill in the air and the wind rustling the autumn leaves, the faint sound of carnival music grows evermore present. Where there was once nothing, now there stands a carnival filled with the most unusual of acts.

Erasmus takes pride in how unusual his carnival is, but knows there is more to the carnival than meets the eye. This carnival has been moving from small town to small town for over 150 years. Erasmus has lost count of how many victims have entered. No one has ever kept count of the few that have escaped.

The darkness of a human soul is what fuels the carnival. No matter how good of a life you live, there is darkness in you somewhere and it will be drawn out. Each step of the way you are going to encounter increasingly darker and twisted acts. Your reactions will decide your fate. After you have been judged, you will be punished and the Carnival will be fed!

Even if you are pure of heart and show no fear, come on out and see The Last Carnival this year!


Year after year we scare the pants off of any one willing to enter. Not only do we enjoy hearing the screams of our patrons but we also donate a portion of every ticket to local charities so we can give back to the community that supports us, WE hope to see you all this season!



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Backwoodz Oddities
832 Valley Rd
Waverly, OH 45690