The Slaughterhouse: YEAR X

The Slaughterhouse

500 Locust St , Des Moines, IA 50309

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Never has there been more TERROR than in the belly of our catacomb lair! The danse macabre has begun with the remains of our ancestors around every corner. This year we celebrate the skulls of the fallen... and you won't miss them as over 1,000 skulls and bones have been added throughout our twisting labyrinth of madness!

And this year since it's one hell of a birthday, we decided to send in the clowns ;)

Due to an FDA investigation in 2019, our old packing plant was shut down for good. However, for the last several years, our engineer Lefty, has been running a side operation deep in the bowels of Downtown Dead Moines, which are now primed for fear!

You see, Dead Moines is an old coal mining town, and back in the 30's (The 1930's that is) the Capone gang had operations all over the country. Dead Moines, being close to Chicago, was well connected.

Throughout the years of prohibition, all sorts of things occurred in the depths of our fine city. And years back, Lefty uncovered a map to a lair in the darkest of places. A buried secret which lead the Biggs' clan to dig...

Now it's your turn to journey into the clawing maw that is The Slaughterhouse.

Under the earth at 500 Locust St. Dead Moines, Iowa 50309


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The Slaughterhouse: YEAR X poster
The Slaughterhouse
500 Locust St
Des Moines, IA 50309