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Texas Maze Of Terror/ crazies

Texas Maze of Terror

1745 Hwy 12 vidor, vidor, TX 77662

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Texas Maze of Terror Haunted House. Indoor and Outdoor haunted house. The Texas Maze of Terror's location was used for quarantine. Some things have changed and the military has been called in. If you can get past the first gate you can then make your way through the Swamp Billies barn. Don't fall in the pig slop or your will become one of Miss Piggies snacks. Careful going through the graveyard. You will make your way into the Morgue, where we prepare all of the bodies, for the moonshine. Look out you never know what or who is hanging around. You might want to try and sneak through and not be seen. Look out for Pappa Billie on top of his maze., before you enter the woods. After you take a walk through the woods stop by the house of crazies, you never know what they are up to. When you leave the house tell Butterfly hello in the knackers yard. Have fun in the clown house. Its always a barrel of laughs with the clowns. or so we think


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Texas Maze Of Terror/ crazies poster
Texas Maze of Terror
1745 Hwy 12 vidor
vidor, TX 77662