Wicked South Haunted Corn Maze

580 Ralph Rahn Road, Rincon, GA 31326

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Years ago a settler found a gateway into a nightmare realm. He wanted no other mortal to find the gate. In order to hide the gate from everyone he covered it with a corn field. Even though the gate is hidden creatures and spirits are still able to escape. Spirits have been corrupting people all these years, and the corrupted can not leave the property.

Event begins at 8PM on all nights of operation. Guests must be in line by 10PM on October 4,5,11,&,12 to enter. Guests must be in line by 11PM on October 18,19,25,26,31 & November 1&2 to enter. Tickets are only valid for the 2019 season. No returns or refunds.

Madrac Farms
580 Ralph Rahn Road
Rincon, GA 31326