Booger Jim's Hollow

@ Booger Jim's Hollow

Come with friends never alone. Take a guided tour through the Haunted Trail where fear is the only energy you feel as you enter the shadowy forest surrounded by unusual sounds and shapes your body starts to quiver, your heart pounds heavily in anticipation and before you could even brace yourself your group number is called. It is now time for you to start your epic journey through the seemingly endless hollow that is Booger Jim's Haunted Trail. If you are brave enough to make it through the trail your horrifying night is not yet over. You exit the trail and you enter into an unguided nightmare of a Real Haunted House that will send chills so far up your spine that you’ll feel it for a year. Ticket includes For both The Scariest Haunted House and the Haunted Trail. Ride Booger Jim's Haunted Hayride for only $1.00 For more info on the Best Haunted House and more Haunted Houses in NC visit

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Booger Jim's Hollow
278 Doolittle St
Blacksburg, SC 29702