Haunted Carter Farms

22 YEARS AND RUNNING THE ORIGINAL HAUNTED CORN FIELD MAZE IN AMERICA HAUNTED CARTER FARMS (THE PLACE WHERE CORN AND NIGHTMARES GROW!!) 2 ATTRACTIONS 1 PLACE 1 PRICE THE AMAZING HAUNTED MAIZE MAZE 4 Acres of twisting paths and haunted corn! We will show you where to begin, you will pray you make it out!!! THE 3rd DIMENSION Experience a new dimension in fright a psychedelic indoor maze in 3-D GATES OPEN AT 7:00 P.M. FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS OCTOBER 4TH-OCTOBER 26TH LAST VICTIMS THROUGH THE GATE AT 10:30 P.M. No reservations needed / Large groups welcome COME GET SCARED!!!

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Haunted Carter Farms
28322 Great River Road
Princeton, IA 52768