Downs Haunted House

@ Downs Haunted House

We are excited to bring you the 31st Edition of the Downs Haunted House.

ALL tickets must be purchased online and are fast pass tickets, just like theme parks. You will select a date and 1/2 hr timeslot that you can attend and you MUST be in the queue line by your selected time or forfeit your tickets.

Primary parking is available in and around Dooley Park (corner of E. Washington and S Lincoln), which is 3 blocks away from the Haunted House. A free hayrack ride will be available to and from Dooley Park to the Haunted House. Some parking is available on W Franklin St and along Shaffer Drive. DO NOT park at the Village Public Works and Police Department at 310 S. Lincoln, this is reserved for our haunt staff.

Excellent food and drink is for sale at the Dooley Park Pavilion from the Downs Citizens in Action.

You must be at 107 E. Franklin St, Downs, IL 61736 by the date and time on your ticket. Enter the queue line ONLY during the 1/2 hr timeslot on your ticket. Please be ready to show your ticket before entering the haunt and/or while in the queue line. Tickets can be either digital or printed out before you come to the haunt.

Please adhere to our rules and requirements. If you are not able or not willing to follow our requirements, please do not purchase tickets because they will not be refunded UNLESS we can't open the haunt during your selected date and time on your ticket.

  • No Refunds will be issued UNLESS the haunt has been canceled for your date and time shown on your ticket.
  • A maximum of 6 people in a group will be allowed in the haunt at a time and you may be grouped with other patrons.
  • No one under the AGE OF FIVE is allowed inside the Haunt
  • Do not touch the actors as we do not touch you
  • Do not touch or remove any props
  • No cameras or videotaping allowed during the haunt
  • Use of flashlights, phones, or watches are not allowed
  • If you are intoxicated you will not be allowed in the haunt and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately: NO REFUNDS
  • Refrain from vulgar/abusive language or you may be asked to leave the premises immediately: NO REFUNDS
  • You will be exposed to strobe lights, dense fog, low lighting, black lights, tight spaces, uncomfortable/disturbing scenes, and loud sounds: NO REFUNDS

Please be sure to provide feedback on your experience at and on our Facebook page.

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Downs Haunted House
107 E Franklin St
Downs, IL 61736
(312) 883-1420