Hayride of Horror/Curse of the Bayou

Hayride of Horror: Ride our Hayride of Horror through the heart of Dellwood Park while the spirits of the long forgotten welcome you home. Dark and mysterious forces will play with your imagination as our creatures inspire fear. Eerie movies will air on our 20 foot outdoor movie screen while you await your Hayride of Horror, and our bonfire will warm you while keeping the evil from incinerating your soul. Line entertainment will keep you both terrified and delighted.

Curse of the Bayou: Are you one of the brave souls to seek out the underground of Dellwood Park? We dare you to attempt the Curse of the Bayou. This haunted attraction has been hidden in the canyons below the Hayride of Horror. The veil between the living and the dead has been lifted, and a powerful Voodoo Priestess has been called forth from her home in the swamps. She commands a legion of fiendish monsters to assist her so that she may stay in this realm, wreaking havoc. Do you carry the still beating heart for which she yearns? You must navigate the treacherous maze to escape, or risk being her next victim. The Curse of the Bayou is not recommended for young children. Parental guidance is suggested. This is a walking attraction with an uneven trail, tight corners, low ceilings, strobe lighting, fog and loud noises.

These venues are sponsored by Citgo.

Food and drinks are available for purchase.

Ticket Options: Hayride of Horror or Curse of the Bayou $15 (Group discount of 10 or more people $13 per ticket) Hayride of Horror and the Curse of the Bayou $25 (Group discount of 10 or more people $23 per ticket)

BEST DEAL: Hayride of Horror and the Curse of the Bayou Speed Pass $35 (Group discount of 10 or more people $33 per ticket)

Must purchase 10 tickets for group ticket discount of $2 off per ticket. The last ticket is sold at 10pm on all dates. However, the venue reserves the right to stop selling tickets at any time.

Dellwood Park has always been a family destination for recreation and entertainment. You know your child better than anyone so we suggest you bring young children at your own discretion. Disclaimer: • No physical contact with the actors • Use of flashlights, lighters or matches are prohibited • No cameras or videotaping allowed • No alcohol permitted on park property • Proper shoes are necessary, no flip flops, sandals or high heels • Warning: Be aware that we use fog and strobe lighting in our show • Not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart conditions • Warning: Please understand that the show may be too intense for small children who cannot discern fantasy from reality • This is an outdoor haunt and will close if there is severe weather. • No firearms or weapons are allowed • Guests are not allowed to come to the event in costume. • Reasonable accommodations will be made for those who need them.

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Hayride of Horror/Curse of the Bayou
199 E. Woods Dr
Lockport, IL 60441