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We are open between Friday October 6th - November 4th 2023 on select nights! Our 8th season is upon us and for this year we have our (3) attractions of "The Asylum", "Graves Farmhouse OVERGROWN, & "The Barnyard" covering over 30,000 sq ft! This year will be a new experience for our guests as once you check-in at the gates, you will be given your wristbands and will be entered into the "VIRTUAL CUE". Here you will be invited over to the mid-way area to hang out until you receive your notification on your phone, that it's your groups time to go get in line to get ready to enter the haunt attractions! This new experience will keep you in line for a very minimal time (normally under 10-15 minutes) instead of standing in line for an hour or more on busy nights! So what's to do in the mid-way area you ask!?  Well, our midway activities for this season will include enhanced photo op areas, roaming actors to take photo's with, food & drinks, axe throwing, nighty horror movies being played on the big screen, bonfire areas, apparel & merchandise stands a Tarot card readings, a 10-minute pirate themed escape room and live music on select nights!  Our goal this season is to provide you with another memorable fright filled evening, if returning or for the first time, without the long wait time of standing in line and having options of other things to do while waiting to go inside the attractions!  A fast pass upgrade is available if you prefer to not wait at all and is available online or in person. The activities listed will also be available for purchase online or as available in-person. Thank you for visiting and we'll see you inside!

Note: not all activities listed above will be available every night and are subject to availability. 

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CornStalker's Trail of Terror
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